We're so excited to host various leadership development conferences to help inspire people all around the world. Tickets will sell out so make sure to take a moment to sign up for our Resilience for Health Leadership Forum in Phoenix, AZ on September 23rd.

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WHat other people are saying...

"Best leadership forum."

"Thank you for an absolutely outstanding event and experience. Well done! Its the best leadership forum I have attended and I have attended many." JE

"Such an amazing day."

"Such an amazing day. One of the best conferences I've attended. I walked away so motivated and have told everyone who will listen. Awesome job, thank you!" HR

"Fantastic lineup of speakers."

"Congratulations on a great event. Fantastic lineup of speakers, terrific organization, and lots to walk away with. Nothing like spending time with a group of leaders to feel more inspired about one's own leadership potential. Great stuff!" CH

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  • Help leaders be better leaders
  • Design and deliver customized learning solutions that are relevant, engaging and actionable 
  • Collaborate with leading learning and development specialists from around the world to create and deliver exceptional learning content 
  • Become a hub for leadership development
  • Raise the bar for leadership development in North America

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