Phoenix, AZ - september 23, 2019

at the Desert Willow Conference Center

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More than a Forum!

What you will learn

Listen to thought leaders and practitioners about leadership
Best selling authors and leaders with REAL experience will share best practices

Learn something about leadership you can use the next day
With interactive and reflective exercises, make an action plan you can implement the next day

Walk away with a Leader toolbox and resources you can share with your team
Unique resources will be given to every attendee that will help sustain the learning and keep it top of mind

Learn about options to train your team
You know the expression “ teach a person to fish” well, participants will learn how to take what they have learned and teach their teams, peers and organizations

Develop real skills through interactive exercises
Throughout the day participants will participate in interactive exercises to make sure the learning sticks

The forum will include

  • Interactive exercises and activities to enhance the learning you will get that day
  • International best selling authors
  • Local leadership experts
  • A panel of senior executives who will share real, practical knowledge and stories of how to leverage your resilience into success.

Drew Dudley - Keynote Speaker

Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author

Drew Dudley has spoken to over 250,000 people on 5 continents, been featured on The Huffington Post, Radio America,, and, where his TED talk was voted “one of the 15 most inspirational TED talks of all time”. TIME recently named the talk one of their “seven speeches that will make you a better leader.” 

His book, This is Day One, is a Wall Street Journal bestseller that turns the inspiration of his talks into a practical, how-to guide for developing a leadership action plan.

Drew melds self-care insights from all over the world with his own story to present six strategies for embedding self-care and building self-respect into your personal leadership philosophy. A presentation that acknowledges the dark parts of life and work with humor and compassion, this practical exploration of self-awareness, forgiveness, resilience and healing will remind you that we cannot lead others until we can lead ourselves.

You will leave the session inspired, with actionable practices that you can put into use right away.

Over the past eight years these strategies helped him achieve and maintain sobriety, lose 100 pounds, manage his mental health, and most recently, process a profound personal tragedy.  


dr. marcia reynolds


Dr. Marcia Reynolds, President of Covisioning LLC is the master of teaching others how to engage in powerful conversations that connect, influence, and activate change, even when emotions are strong. From government agencies and large multi-national companies, to coaching schools in Italy, Turkey, Russia, China, Kazakhstan and across North America, she’s been hired by organizations around the globe, not just because of her highly engaging presentations but because of ability to change people’s minds.

This highly sought-after behavioral scientist is happily obsessed with uncovering the latest discoveries in neuro/behavioral research and putting them into practical applications. With a doctoral degree in Organizational Psychology, two master’s degrees in Education and Communications, Marcia’s expertise ranges from holding powerful conversations to activating the emotions of passion and courage at work.

Having Marcia on your side is like giving you x-ray vision into the hearts and minds of others. Her innovative and highly successful strategies will guide you to being the memorable leader who helps others reach their highest and best selves. She’s the voice inside your head that says, “Make sure people are excited to see you when you enter the room, and even more encouraged when you leave!”

Then when you face difficult conversations, Dr. Marcia Reynolds offers solutions on how to flip defensiveness, create rapport, and have everyone involved experience the elusive “optimal productive state” where they deeply connect and imagine unique solutions together.

CORPORATE EXPERIENCE: Marcia worked in Leadership Development and Organizational Change for 16 years in healthcare and high tech corporations prior to starting her own business. Her training and culture change work was instrumental in taking one company from near bankruptcy to the #1 stock market success in three years.

She created Covisioning LLC in 1995 and has since provided training and executive coaching in a multitude of industries, from banking, financial services, food manufacturing, energy and technology to government agencies and global professional associations. Her work in building high-trust, high-growth communities has consistently garnered remarkable results. There is only one way to define Marcia: game-changing.

Dr. Marcia Reynolds is on a mission:  to have leaders feel that their greatest purpose is how well they successfully enrich the lives of others. With Marcia’s guidance, you can outsmart your brain and make a powerful difference one meaningful conversation at a time.

COACHING EXPERIENCE: In her search for new techniques in behavioral change, Marcia enrolled in a coaching school in 1995 when she started her own business. She quickly saw the power of coaching to make the mental shifts required to sustain change. Her passion for the profession led her to become president of the International Coach Federation (ICF) in 2000 and one of the first 25 people in the world to hold the certification of Master Certified Coach. She has since coached hundreds of executives and professionals to improve the impact of their communications and make successful transitions, and teaches coaching in her leadership classes and coaching schools worldwide. This year, she returned to the Global Board of the ICF as a Director. She also serves as Training Director for the Healthcare Coaching Institute taught through Virginia Tech and is on the faculty of coach training schools in Russia and China.

BOOKS: Excerpts from Marcia’s award-winning books Outsmart Your Brain and Wander Woman How High-Achieving Women Find Contentment and Direction, have appeared in many places including Harvard Communications Newsletter, Wall Street Journal, Cosmopolitan, and The New York Times and she has appeared on ABC World News. Her latest book, The Discomfort Zone: How Leaders Turn Difficult Conversations into Breakthroughs, has been discussed in Fast Company, Forbes,, The Globe and Mail, and on as well as in many leading leadership blogs.


Dr. Teri Pipe


Dr. Teri Pipe is Arizona State University's Chief Well-Being Officer. Formerly Dr. Pipe served as the Dean of the College of Nursing and Health Innovation at Arizona State University (ASU). She also is the founding director of ASU's Center for Mindfulness, Compassion and Resilience. Before coming to ASU in 2011, Dr. Pipe served as director of Nursing Research and Innovation at Mayo Clinic Arizona and was an associate professor of nursing at the Mayo Clinic’s College of Medicine. In 2014 she was selected as a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Executive Nurse Fellow.

Dr. Pipe is an expert on mindfulness which is a skill set to increase the ability to experience being fully present, focused and alive. Mindfulness has important implications for resilience within and beyond the healthcare and higher education sectors. Dr. Pipe is an expert on nursing leadership with a focus on inter-professionalism, bringing nurses together with physicians and other health professionals, business people, and policy makers, to help redesign and improve health in the U.S. Her research interests include: mindfulness, resilience in professional and clinical populations, health promotion and wellness, positive coping and stress management, oncology, and gerontology. She is a sought after speaker on the topics of mindfulness, workforce resilience and self-compassion.

Dr. Pipe earned her PhD in health policy and administration with a minor in gerontology from Pennsylvania State University, a master’s degree in nursing with an emphasis in gerontology from the University of Arizona, and a bachelor’s degree in nursing from the University of Iowa 


Rob Fredrickson


When people think of Rob Fredrickson, they think football. But Rob’s appeal transcends his athletic achievements. In his 9 years as a professional athlete, Rob experienced first-hand what communication, leadership, and the power of simple hard work can achieve. People far and wide have been inspired by his warm personality, his drive and sense of humor. 

Rob was born on May 13, 1971 in Saint Joseph, Michigan. He attended Michigan State University, where he majored in Business Administration. During his college career, Rob was a four-time Academic All-Big Ten and an Academic All American for the Spartans. 

In 1994, Rob was a first-round draft pick by the Los Angeles Raiders and played four years for the Silver & Black. He went on to play one season for the Detroit Lions, and finished his NFL career playing four years with the Arizona Cardinals. 

Rob was a member of the NFL All-Rookie Team and still holds the Arizona Cardinals single-game record for most tackles in a game with twenty-two tackles. 

Rob is a member of The Thunderbirds. The Phoenix volunteer and charitable organization hosts the Waste Management Phoenix Open and raised $13.2 million for local charities in 2019. And over $80 million since 2010. 

Rob and his wife Barbara reside in Scottsdale, Arizona. They’re happy to report that their sons Aiden, Cade, and Stone still talk to them, especially when they want money. 


Mary Tallouzi


 Mary Tallouzi was born and raised in Temple, Texas, and relocated to New Mexico in 1990. She raised three children, Christopher, Daniel, and Jennifer, mostly as a single parent. Christopher and Daniel proudly served their country in the United States Army, and both were deployed to Iraq. It was during this time that Mary’s life changed. She says she will never forget the feeling in her heart when she asked herself: “What do I do now? How do I define my life?” Those questions arose in September 2006, when her son, U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Daniel Tallouzi, was wounded from a mortar attack in Iraq. Shrapnel the size of a quarter crossed both hemispheres of Daniel’s brain and lodged in the center. He endured more than two years in hospitals before returning home. Daniel passed away on February 28, 2009. Mary served as Daniel’s caregiver, a 24-hour-a-day job she performed with great love. “Life stops for the advocate,” says Mary. “As a caregiver, I experienced the loss of a son and a profound change of life. The military has been a part of our family since the Korean War. I’m proud of Daniel’s admiration for our family legacy, and we’re honored that he now walks among the eternal warriors who paid the ultimate sacrifice for freedom.” 


Julie Hymovitch, MA, MBA, CEC

  Whether you are a high achieving female entrepreneur, aspiring leader or single mom trying to juggle a career and three kids, Julie Hymovitch, a dedicated and proficient resilience  coach can help you navigate through these turbulent times with clarity and confidence. Julie has over 20 years of experience successfully guiding and counseling her clients in both their personal and professional lives. 

Clients rely on her ability to understand and support their needs both at work and at home, and her inclusive style in engaging executives in career development efforts.  Julie is well known for her talent in designing and implementing effective coaching plans, as well as her ability to relate to and communicate effectively with her clients on a wide range of issues. Julie’s professional background includes being the Vice -President of the largest Dental Specialty Practice in the Southwest, and extensive group and individual counseling on trauma, abuse, and eating disorders as the Primary Therapist at a premier inpatient treatment center in Arizona. Julie is also experienced and certified in professional development coaching for executive clients, as well as health and wellness coaching for personal clients. 

Julie earned her M.B.A. from Arizona State University and her Master’s in Clinical Psychology from Ottawa University with an advanced certificate specializing in eating disorders, trauma, and abuse.  Julie also achieved a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching from Royal Roads University. She is a member of the International Coaching Federation, and is the co-founder of Scottsdale Leadership and Coaching Center, which opened in Scottsdale, Arizona in 2018. 

Julie is sponsoring the 2019 Summer Health Institute at ASU’s College of Health Solutions. The summer before their senior year of high school, participants stay for a week on the ASU Downtown Phoenix Campus, where they enjoy an immersive college experience while learning about various health career options. Now approaching its sixth year, the Summer Health Institute has demonstrated its ability to inspire promising, college-bound high school seniors from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds to pursue careers in health and health care. Julie’s sponsorship will provide 24 students the opportunity to participate in this one-of-a-kind learning opportunity, regardless of their financial situation. 


Dr. Steven Hymovitch, DDS, MBA, CEC


Dr. Steven Hymovitch, also known as “Dr. H”, is the proud co-founder of The Scottsdale Leadership and Coaching Center. He is a Certified Executive Coach from Royal Roads University, and currently coaches’ executives, upper management, and doctors within the healthcare industry as well as faculty groups within dental colleges.  In his words, “I coach as it really gives me the satisfaction of knowing that I can unleash the inner potential of driven and motivated professionals and entrepreneurs.” The focus of Dr. H’s coaching and speaking topics is leadership in the healthcare world.

Additionally, as a professionally trained endodontist (Root Canal Specialist), Dr. H is the founder and CEO of Valley Endodontics and Oral Surgery. He continues to run 10 successful endodontic and oral surgery practices throughout Arizona since 1996. Valley Endodontics and Oral Surgery is the largest Endodontic/Oral Surgery practice in the Southwestern United States.

Dr. H was born and raised in Montreal, Canada. He received his DDS degree from McGill University, his Endodontic Certification from Tufts University in Boston, and an MBA from Arizona State University. Dr. H served as an officer in the Canadian Armed Forces for 15 years and was meritoriously awarded the Canadian Forces Decoration (CD) medal in 1993 after attaining the rank of Captain. 

Dr. H is sponsoring the 2019 Summer Health Institute at ASU’s College of Health Solutions. The summer before their senior year of high school, participants stay for a week on the ASU Downtown Phoenix Campus, where they enjoy an immersive college experience while learning about various health career options. Now approaching its sixth year, the Summer Health Institute has demonstrated its ability to inspire promising, college-bound high school seniors from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds to pursue careers in health and health care. His sponsorship will provide 24 students the opportunity to participate in this one-of-a-kind learning opportunity, regardless of their financial situation. 

In his personal time, Dr. H is very involved with his two sons travel hockey team. His oldest son David was the first American forward drafted in the WHL Bantam Draft in 2018 by the Calgary Hitmen, and was drafted in the USHL 2019 draft by the Sioux City Musketeers.



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